Business yachting trips


Management and business retreats, relationship marketing


Teamwork, enjoyment, relaxation and fun.


Mojo Yachting offers an outstanding platform for success and results aboard the Mojo. Sail along with colleagues and let fresh winds blow. Plan, evaluate, reward, set up policy or vision in peace and privacy.


All the while the Mojo's crew meets your every need. Maybe enjoy a relaxing beverage and fresh culinary foods before sitting down with colleagues to conduct important business.


Mojo Yachting offers:

– Proposals for corporate policy trips

– Arrangements of all flights and transfers

– Meeting any needs or wishes

– Proposals for a cultural programme

– Possible hiring of coaches

– Possible contact with France companies

– Luxury sailing cruise with large cabins and bathrooms

– Privacy and discretion

– Possible implementation of a sailing course


WiFi 4G and 4G antenna for a perfect connection with your business.


And above all: sailing!


If you are interested, please let us know.


Zeilen is absoluut, milieuvriendelijk, duurzaam, puur, dynamisch en bijzonder...