Mojo, the best way to discover the Cote d'Azur


Ideal for private and business rental! (see services page)


Mojo is 100% Sailing.. luxury cabin with air-condition and private bathroom. Water skiing, fish-finder radar and super fresh healthy food with luxury wines. Free WIFI router and 3G/4G. 


Luxe sailing yacht for rent.. for a cruise in the Mediterranean Sea ... but also in Monaco during Formula 1, Cannes Film festival.. everything is possible


A Luxurious Sailing Adventure

For the Dutch, sailing is in our genes and is part of our heritage. Blue Cruises in France, combine sun, sea, history and hikes at various destinations. The moment you set foot on board of the Mojo you will know what we are talking about as a new adventure begins. Imagine, sailing in France feeling as if you are a millionaire saling along the Riviera, Blue skies, tropical temperatures and more. By now you have seen the pictures so vividly, you can imagine yourself allready onboard. Take action now.

The good life 

Discover amazing locations with two huge masts and 25 meters of sailing pleasure in between. Experience ancient history and enjoy the peace, quiet and relaxation of sailing as you visite the beautiful places.

Are you the sportive type?

Can you see yourself sailing along the Cote d'Azur, dropping ancher in a quiet bay. What if you could hold on this wonderful feeling for the rest of your life?

Cultural & culinary delights

Exploring the local markets, immerse yourself in the Mediterranean life style, open up to its exotic spices. Suddenly, you find yourself enjoying local foods on a beautiful terrace in a historical town. Old culture revive as you become a silent witness to the fascinating history that unfolds before your eyes.




Mojo Yachting Promo from Peter Schagen on Vimeo.

Saint-Tropez | Cote d'Azur