15 Day Luxurious Sailing Cruise

From Bodrum to Marmaris or privatrent to Santorini!

Who moors with a yacht on the Turkish coast, encounters over 3000 years of civilization. The antiquties you have seen in Italie, Egypt, Tunesia and Greece are young compared to the old port walls in Turkey, destined to serve the Phoenician, Hellenite, Greek and Roman vessels. On top of that the antiqueties in turkey are more important and expansive. In those days when we were discovering how to sharpen an axe, a Roman Praetor was comfortably sitting on a flat stone in a spa rejuvenating his tired bones. Even today you can site in the same spot and experience the 2000 years old healing waters around you.

Day 1 The Netherlands – Bodrum 

You will fly to Bodrum where the Mojo Yachting organization will welcome you at the airport and will arrange your transportation guiding you via the local short transfer.  The Gulet yacht is located in the port of Bodrum. You will discover why it carries a second name, namely the St Tropez of Turkey. It is a cosy port town with great shopping venues and touristic sights such as the castle of Peter, and one of the ancient wonders of the world, the mausoleum. You can embark starting 14.00 hours. Depending on which time you arrive, you may want to see the local surroundings by going for a nice walk. When all of the guests have arrived, we will cast off the ropes and we will head towards a bay in the local area. You will have a wonderful dinner onboard, the first of many such delightful dinners to follow. We drop anchor and spend the night  here in fairy tale surroundings.

Day 2 Bodrum – Kos 

We will enjoy a special breakfast in the morning during which the captina will keep your abreast of the travelling route that will be taken. We raise anchor and sail in the sun towards yet another bay. If you like you can swim in the stunningly blue water, do a bit of snorkeling or just relax on deck and take in the view with your fellow passengers. It is likely, that you will have worked up a good appetite to be satiated by a Meditarreanen lunch to be enjoyed by you. Then we proceed to sail to Kos, with over 700.000 visitors each year, Kos has become a favorite and famous tourist destination. At the end of the afternoon we moor in Kos. Here, you can disembark the boat and explore the ancient city now warmed up by the sun. Go and explore the island. Later on in the evening we will have dinner, especially prepared by our Turkish chef for you. On deck you will be able to review the adventures of your day, relax on a lounge bed and have a Turkish nightcap before you fall into a deep slumper in your luxury cabin. To be carried away by the motion of the sea.

Day 3 Kos – Datca

On this day we travel to an old Turkish place: Datca. The largest city on the long peninsula that separates the Egeian sea from the Mediattareanen sea and a most wonderful holiday destination. In the antiquity, ships would wait in port for the right wind direction to appear. One of these ships once carried the apostle Paul when he was on his way to Rome. This city was originated 500 years B.C. you can still see the southern trading docks and the the Trireme harbour located in the north where ships of wore would moor. In the small city the remants can be found of the old market square, a necropolis, a city wall and two ancient theathers. Even the foundations of a round temple that used to contain the statues of Aphrodite of Knidos still exist today. People from all over the Roman empire would visit for a blessing of the gods. 

Day 4 Datca – Simi (Greece)

In the morning after a dive in the clear blue water, a full breakfast we will set course to the Greek waters of Simi. From a distance Simi is incredible, especially when we sail into the bay with port and we suddenly see the capital. Simi (Symi) rises from the sea and has high mountains making the entry by boat even more impressive. Simi has a long history and was named by the great Homer himself as the island contributed three ships to the Trojan war. Nowadays, the island is known for its natural sponges, Simi city built in Neo-classical architecture.

Day 5 Simi – Marmaris

After spending the night in Simi we move to Marmaris an especially popular destination in Turkey. Situated in a crystal blue clear bay, near the Lycean coast, Marmaris is amongst the most beautiful places on the Turkish coast. The wide sandy bay is engulfed by stunning green hills. The old city with its criss cross network of roads and white houses and a small citadel. Since, 3500 years B.C. its first people have lived here. Subsequently, the Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, Romans, Byzantines and Ottomen left their marks. Because of the wars and destructions not much is left to be seen of these historical influences. History is riddled with tales about these eras. Historical sights worth seeing such as the 16th century citadel, the mosque of Ibrahim Agha (1789) and the Ottoman living quarters from 1545 can all be visited. They are all located near the beach and can be visited on foot. Presently, Marmaris is mostly famous for its port and as a popular tourist destination with a bustling nightlife and big center with fabulous shops. We spend the night in the port of Marmaris.

Day 6 Marmaris -  Gocek/Dalaman

Today we have a astoundingly beautiful trip planned for you alongs several island of unparralelled beauty, of which there are many. In one of the bays you can swim and do some snorkeling . After lunch we sail to Gocek, a village that has developed into a much desired yachting marina. With enough space for the yachts and the leisure ships that moor there. Gocek is stretched out, car free and no flats. Along the boulevard there are many shops and restaurants. You can bath in the sun, drink a beverage on one of the many terraces with excellent view towards the yachts in the harbour. 

Day 7 Gocek – Kalkan

Kalkan is the next destination in our adventure. This old fishing village on the meditarreanean coast has several nice beaches (Patara beach – 7 Kaputas Beach_ and is mainly known for its white painted houses with a strong red-purple Bougainville. Till the beginning of 1920 the majority of the population was Greek. Because of the Turkish – Greek war many left  the village in 1923. The Marlaria mosquita was the main culprit  causing people to live elsewhere, only in the 1950’s did this change. Since then, Kalkan has become well known for its romantic appearance as they are used to say “not to far from home”. In 2007 Kalkan was heralded as on of the best holiday destinations by the British newspaper The Independent.

Day 8 Kalkan – Kekova/Kas

Kas, the furthest destination on our trips alnong the Greek island and the Turkish coast, Before we arrive we will make a visit to the sunken city near the island Kekova. The remains from a middle age citadel and the sarcophagus dating from the Lycean age. Something not to be missed. If we have the opportunity we will visit the blue cave, one of the biggest caves on the Turkish south coast. Next is Kas, a fishing village on the Turkish Riviera. It is breathtakingly gorgeous place with a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere. One of the pearls that one must visit whilst sailing on the Turkish Riviera.

Day 9 Kas – Patara

When you say Patara, it means nature. Patara is a protected nature reserve.On its 20 kilometer long beach you will find no hotels. From May till October the giant sea turtles come here at night to bury their egs on the beach in peace and quiet.

Day 10 Patara – Fethiye

From the peace and quiet we go to Fethiye the most important city on the Turqois coast. The city with its large port is located in a sheltered bay and provides an excellent place to dive and to go boating. Offboard, you will find a classic bazaar and open air restaurants. The current city of Fethiye rest on the ruins of the Lycean city of Telmessus. Earthquakes in 1856 and 1957 have destroyed many of the old structures but a roman theather near the port has survived.

Day 11 Fethiye – Rodos

On our schedule we have the rich Greek Island of Rodos. Its strategic location has made it a desirable target by many foreign kingdoms. Long ago, Rodos was the trading gateway to Asia and Africa and its might was shown by its possession of its large fleet. Rodos kept its position even whilst dominated by foreign invaders for 700 years, like the Venetian empire, the Crusaders, the Turkish dynasty, the Italians and the Germans. The wealth it provided brought along with it its own governance, laws and privileges. Only recently has Rodos become part of Greece again. The main tourist attraction is the Crusader citadel, The island is fertile and renowned for its many butterflies and floral beauty.

Day 12 Rodos – Tilos

From Rodos we sail on to Tilos. An island that being situated between Kos and Rodos has long remained a secret to tourists. Also, because of the local people having left it was not a favored destination. Only in the recent years has sober Tilos become a more interesting destination for tourists wanting to escape the mass tourism of Kos for example. Its people are open and welcoming.

Day 13 English Harbour

Today we sail to English Harbour, this port is located in the gulf of Gokova with its many hideouts. When you go on land you are surrounded by pine trees making it a worthwhile place to go for a stroll.

Day 14 Kos 

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Day 15 Bodrum

We have breakfast on the Mojo and it is time to get ready for your trip hime. The Mojo organization will take you back to the airport. Should your say in Turkey last longer then you can go to your next destination.

To Santorini

Day 1 Bodrum - Kalimnos

Day 2 Kalimnos - Leros

Day 3 Leros - Amorgos

Day 4 Amorgos -Amorgos

Day 5 Amorgos - Santorini

Day 6 Santorini - Santorini

Day 7 Santorini - Anafi

Day 8 Anafi - Astipalia

Day 9 Astipalia - Kos

Day 10 Kos -Bodrum






Yacht Type Gulet
Manufacturer Custom Made
Year Built 2000
Year Refit 2011/2012
Length Overall (Metre/Feet) 24 m. / 78'72
Beam 6,3 m. / 20'66
Draught 2,5 m. / 8'20
Hull Material Laminated Wood
Registered Port Bodrum
Summer Location Turkey
Winter Location Turkey
Yacht Category Luxe 
A/C Available
Cabin Details All double & en-suite
Number of Guests 14
No. of Cabins 7
Double Cabins 7
Main Engines 360 HP
Maximum Speed 10 kn.
Electricity 24V , 220V
Entertainment DVD, TV, Music Player
Water Toys Canoe , Snorkeling Equipment , Fishing Equipment
Tender: 4,20 m. tender with 9.9 HP Suzuki outboard engine

Luxury sailing cruise, a cultural & sportive adventure, culinary treat and relaxation